When Vision Innovation Partners identifies a prospective partner, the process begins with determining overall fit. Are our goals consistent? After all, we will be working together for a long time and want to be sure our partnership is mutually rewarding.

Valuation Criteria

Vision Innovation Partners considers a number of factors when determining a practice’s value: size and scale (providers and facilities); growth; profitability; product and service mix and diversification of physician productivity.

Indication of Interest

After a preliminary financial review, Vision Innovation Partners can provide an indication of interest ascribing a value to your practice based on the evaluation criteria above. Consideration typically consists of a combination of cash at closing, contingent deferred payments and rollover equity.

It is also Vision Innovation Partners’ objective to provide market-level, go-forward compensation to our physician partners.


The integration team’s activities are based on the level of initial integration mutually agreed upon by the purchase agreement.

Integration can be comprehensive, partial or phased.